Not Vegan?

No need to be vegan to eat vegan, I always say!

1) Are you curious to try the vegan kitchen?
2) Do you like to eat well, healthy and discover new flavors?
3) You’re a good eater?
4) Do you have children and want to be sure to make them eat fresh, healthy things; genuine as well as good?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you should come and eat at the restaurant Vegan Festival Place.

Have you heard of vegan cooking but never got to taste any dishes, then you know that this is the right opportunity for you!

In a spacious and bright environment, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the background, you can enjoy our delicious menu, healthy and cruelty free, ensuring yourself that cooking vegan is anything but drab and tasteless!

Taste, particular combinations, together with the colours of the fruits of our land, vegan food will be sure to capture your senses.

The menus offered by our Restaurants within Vegan Place Festival will be good, healthy and freshly prepared, suitable therefore also to the youngest, for which there is a special “baby menu”.


… If you are vegan

Then you’ll already know what I’m talking, so do not miss the opportunity to delight your senses with our menu cooked by experienced and skilled hands, with strictly veg products, natural and fresh.

At this point don’t just visit us at Vegan Festival Place, spend the day with us, stroll among the many stands displaying their magnificent products, listen to the many conferences held by the top veg world leaders, doctors, engineers and journalists, listen to good music and entertain with us until late in the evening.


Friday, 16th September —————– 20.00  to  22.30
Saturday, 17th September 12.30  to  15.30 20.00  to  22.30
Sunday, 18th September 12.30  to  15.30 20.00  to  22.30

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