You know how kids are?

Innocent, open but sometimes a little stubborn and capricious. They are tirelessly playful and lazy sleepers; storms of tears for nothing and free smiles for every simple gesture of love.

Our cultural association Vegan Place, in some ways, is one of them.

It consists of six men and women who have experienced many things, with a mission in mind: to give voice to hope and freshness to the ancestral wisdom that beats in the hearts of all aged children.

Because individually, each of us has many doubts, fears and distortions; typical of adults. Together, moved by the pure and disinterested desire to represent our vegan vision to exist, we can become spontaneous, letting our inner child free.  A wonderful feeling!

Through the Vegan Place festival, we want to involve all of you, letting you live three days of this magic.

You’re all invited.

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