We have all the knowledge, as well as the perception that our world does not run the right way. Even in the opulent west, in our “little” daily routines, especially in the evening when we lay our head on the pillow and feel the weariness that has had little to do with the pursuit of happiness.

Bounded by time and work commitments we are unfortunately unable to progress and get no compensation back economically considering the request of this fast society, leaving us questioning living life in this way.
People used to say that technology would have freed us from work, to leave more time to devote to ourselves, instead it has ended up doing the opposite. It has resulted in our life rhythms aligning to those of an electronic mechanism that knows just do, do, do and all with electric current passing through its circuits.

That’s not why we’re here.

We are guests on this beautiful planet, a small place in this corner of the universe surrounded by vast space made of billions and billions of stars; we should see ourselves as the highest expression of creation. Emotional, social beings, we should be self-conscious and have creative intelligence, bearers of love and harmony; if only we could crush the concocted fears of who moves to higher ranks while continuing to have “free lunch” as wise researcher documentary filmmaker Pier Giorgio Caria .

Manipulated by people that think they know more then others about the meaning of life, with their sole purpose being to dedicate their jobs to those who are less fortunate, always pushing for a better outcome for example to create and sell more iphones. Is this really what life is for? Creating to sell and make as much money as we can? How is this a life for anything/anyone?

Yet every time we end up chasing a target we will never achieve – like a hamster in his wheel

Similarly, we slave billions of other living creatures by forcing them to live in hellish conditions for the sole purpose to eat them. For their proliferation we are destroying ancient forests, polluting air, land and seas to discover that what we believe to be nourishing is ultimately what damages our own health. WHAT LIFE is this?
Yet too often I hear derogatory comments against vegans labeled as lunatics, eager to be the protagonist or worse as fanatics un-respectful towards others freedom when as a matter of fact, it is the opposite.

Those who have changed their way of life by becoming vegan simply understood that the current life is unsustainable, irresponsible and foolish. We are just using common sense exactly like you would shout fire if you see a burning building.

Dear reader, I simply ask you to listen to your heart, your common sense and do not limit yourself to the hearsay but on information.

The Vegan Place Festival offers to you and to those who will seize it, an opportunity to learn and understand more about the vegan world and vegan choice.

And then, most importantly, put into practice what they deeply want to accomplish!

Luca Pino

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