“I haven’t eaten meat for 20 years and I also don’t drink alcohol, so thought it relevant to participate in the vegan place festival, which will start on the 16th until 18th September. An opportunity to meet, share ideas and understand the benefits involved in being vegetarian or vegan. Many are the motivations that brought me to support others that are fighting to spread this deep knowledge.
To reach the festival exit at Sant’Elpidio a mare from the A14 motorway and follow direction Fermo Forum. During the three days this festival is running it will be possible to enjoy many experiences and meet the guests that will hold the conferences. I am honoured to have been invited as festival godmother, my speech will take place on the 16th at 6pm, and in the mean time I suggest to start experiencing the health benefit to eating mainly vegetables. I look forward to meeting you all!”


From the 16th to 18th to September 2016, VEGAN PLACE FESTIVAL – FERMO FORUM – Via Giovanni Agnelli (Zona Ind.le Girola) – 63900 FERMO – Marche – Italy.


The Fermo Forum, from the 16th to 18th to September 2016, will host the Vegan Place Festival of the year.

You’re all invited.

The height of the intensive and indiscriminate exploitation of land, water resources and senseless abuse prepared at the expense of other living species through intensive farming, which are suffering generators and pollutants as well as the explosive new diseases known as diseases of affluence, a generation of men and women is being reawakening motivated by one and only one purpose: Return humans, and so being responsible through the vegan awareness.

Our association, made up of ordinary citizens from this little great part of the world would like to take part in this awakening using the Italian creativity from Marche, celebrating the beauty of this rediscovered wisdom through Vegan Place Festival.

The event will take place in a wide and comfortable easy use structure with hundreds of parking spaces

From morning to evening there will be conferences and testimonials from personalities of different social and professional environments of great renown.
Breathing lessons and re-birthing practice
Natural baking classes
Show cooking
Theatre performances
Live music (at the end of every evening)
In the best Italian tradition, there will be exhibition stands, coffee area, street food, restaurants and ice creamsall vegan, because eating vegan is tastier than ever.



dr Rosella Sbarbati (Biologist and nutritionist expert)
dr Michela De Petris (Doctor)
dr Stefano Momentè (Journalist)
dr Vasco Merciadri (Doctor)
dr Edy Virgili (Biologist and nutritionist expert)
prof Diego Fusaro (Philosopher)
dr Valdo Vaccaro (Hygienist)
dr Fabio Rigon (Activity and physical education)
eng. Luca Chiesi (Engineer. Specialized in macrobiotic and Ohsawa diet)
dr Eleonora Brigliadori (Actress. Among the leading experts in anthroposophy)

Letter from a vegan to those that are still not

We have all the knowledge, as well as the perception that our world does not run the right way. Even in the opulent west, in our “little” daily routines, especially in the evening when we lay our head on the pillow and feel the weariness that has had little to do with the pursuit of happiness.

Bounded by time and work commitments we are unfortunately unable to progress and get no compensation back economically considering the request of this fast society, leaving us questioning living life in this way.   READ MORE

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